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Nothing is more important than your child’s health and Dr. Palacio is dedicated to ensuring they receive the best care possible. She is a strong advocate for childhood vaccination and ensuring your child is protected from preventable diseases. We offer same day sick appointments, school/sports physicals, wellness exams, immunizations and more. Dr. Palacio is the mother to 3 daughters and will treat your children as her own.

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Same Day Appointments

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Liliana Palacio, MD FAAP - Pediatrician

Liliana Palacio, MD FAAP


As a mother of three, Dr. Palacio passionately ensures your child’s health through premier medical attention. She strongly endorses immunization as a preventive measure. Her comprehensive services include immediate sick appointments, wellness evaluations, school/sports physicals, among others. She provides care to every child as if they were her own.

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Pediatrician Services

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Vaccination plays a crucial role in your child’s health, providing vital protection against numerous preventable diseases. By ensuring your child’s timely immunization, you contribute to their long-term wellness and safety. Trust us to guide your child’s vaccination journey.

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Same Day Sick Appointments

Our pediatric service offers same-day sick appointments to promptly address your child’s health concerns. This swift action facilitates immediate care, reducing potential complications and accelerating recovery. Trust our dedicated team to prioritize your child’s urgent healthcare needs.

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School/Sports Physicals

Our pediatric clinic offers comprehensive school and sports physical exams, ensuring your child is healthy and ready for academic and athletic activities. These exams can identify potential health issues early, promoting your child’s safe participation. Trust us with your child’s physical readiness assessments.

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Wellness Exams

Our pediatric clinic provides thorough wellness exams, a proactive step in safeguarding your child’s health. These examinations allow early detection of potential health issues, supporting timely intervention and prevention. Trust us to guide your child on their journey to long-term wellness.

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Treating families for over 25 years

We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients and delivering outstanding personalized care.

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